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Tired of wondering where your next lead will come from? What if you had a reliable, and predictable, source of new potential customers coming into your sales funnel each month? This is Predictable Prospecting and here I'll show you how some of the best sales leaders in the industry are creating consistent, and measurable procedures to bring in fresh, qualified leads to their sales funnels each and every month.
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Jan 31, 2017

What would you say if someone told you your business could reach $100 million in revenue in just seven years? On this episode we’re joined by Daniel Barber, the VP of Sales at Datanyze. Daniel is an expert on analyzing the data of a business to determine where revenue goals should be set and how best to reach them, and he’s here today to share some of his best tips for 2017 revenue planning with our listeners.

Episode Highlights:

  • Exploring the purpose of Datanyze
  • 2017 Planning: Why planning around revenue makes the most sense
  • The $100 Million Mark
  • The future of specialization of the sales development team
  • Top indicators of success


Get in touch with Daniel Barber by sending him an email at, following him on Twitter, or connecting with him on LinkedIn


“The year of specialization is definitely here”- Daniel

“We discovered a lot of numbers, again, planning is something that it’s like that New Year’s resolution. Unless you actually plan to do it and actually execute on it, it’s just that gym membership that just never really worked.” - David

Jan 24, 2017

This week we’re chatting with the Queen of Cold Calling herself, Wendy Weiss. Many of us struggle with using the telephone in a sales world that feels like it’s moved online – it’s hard to get a prospect to pick up the phone, and we’re so out of practice that we fumble with what to say when we finally reach them. It may sound crazy or outdated, but speaking on the telephone is still the most effective way to reach your prospects and have conversations. As a speaker, sales trainer, and author, Wendy has established herself as an expert in utilizing the telephone to connect with prospects and close deal after deal.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why the telephone is the best sales tool you’ll ever use
  • Overcoming fear of the phone
  • Wendy’s steps for creating your ideal sales process
  • Creating a sales script that works
  • Cold calling in 2017
  • The triangulation method for reaching your prospects

More From Wendy Weiss:


  • Check out Wendy’s top-selling books:



“Being on the telephone is the next best thing to being in front of your prospect”- Wendy

“If you need to sell more, you need to use the phone!”- Wendy

“Having a script while phone prospecting enables you to be the very best self that you can possibly be”- Wendy

Jan 17, 2017

This week we’re chatting with the CEO of Score More Sales and the president of Women's Sales Pros, Lori Richardson. As an expert in helping people become better leaders, build better sales teams, and ultimately increase company sales, Lori is here to explain the most common environments that breed sales issues and what you as a salesperson deserve from your manager. Lori is also a champion for women in the sales industry, and we discuss her reasons why companies aren’t getting the strong female job candidates they want and need.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Lori Richardson is so passionate about working in sales
  • Pinpointing the pain of sales issues in a team
  • The top triggers that breed problems in the pipeline
  • The metrics of a good salesperson
  • Coaching a sales rep
  • Why women in sales are the next big thing
  • Workplace assessments and coaching

More From Lori Richardson:


“It takes many ‘whys’ to get to the bottom of things”- Lori

“At the top of the funnel, companies are more alike than not”- Marylou

“You have to have somebody in your corner, specifically your sales manager, and they need to coach you and help you develop professionally”- Lori

“To see leaders who are both men and women, who are different ages, young and old, it’s really important to be able to see that because it helps people to better envision themselves in those position”- Lori

Jan 10, 2017

This week we’re chatting with Melinda Emerson, a consultant, author, and speaker otherwise known as “SmallBizLady”. Melinda is America’s #1 Small Business Expert and was selected by Forbes as the #1 Most Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs. Melinda is full of anecdotes, tips, and tricks from her 17-year career working with small businesses, and she’s here to share her expertise on connecting with entrepreneurs and having meaningful conversations.


Episode Highlights:

  • The top challenges that Melinda solves for her clients
  • 3 reasons why small businesses fail
  • “Servicing the market” : Customer service for big corporations and small businesses
  • Melinda’s strategies for improving retention
  • How big corporations can best connect with small business owners
  • Marketing and Sales for small businesses


More From Melinda:


Favorite Quotes:

“Anyone will buy something once, but the goal is to get them to buy over and over again”

“The best way to build a trusting relationship is through communication, especially online”

“There’s 23 million small businesses. There’s only 1800 large ones”

“I believe your business should be working for you”

Jan 3, 2017

Many readers have reached out to me wanting to know my favorite parts of my new book, Predictable Prospecting, and my advice for tackling the process I’ve outlined. This week I’m breaking down Predictable Prospecting chapter-by-chapter and picking out the most important concepts you need to know, areas that have been updated since Predictable Revenue came out, and how to get the most from the book in terms of worksheets and add-ons.

Episode Highlights:

  • The three key concepts and takeaways from Predictable Revenue that have stood the test of time
  • Predictable Prospecting Chapter One: Understanding the SWOT
  • Chapter Two: Ideal Account Profile
  • Chapter Three: Ideal Prospect Personas
  • My new Compel With Content framework for hooking your prospect
  • The Levels of Awareness framework
  • Chapter Seven: Measuring and Optimizing the Pipeline
  • Chapter Eight: Tools of the Trade
  • Chapter Nine: Managing a Sales Team

Resources From This Episode:



Favorite Quotes:

“The Predictable Prospecting process is not something that you learn and then leave. You’re continually improving.”

“The biggest thing I can tell you is that you are all fabulous writers. You have the ability to write the perfect email, an email that’s going to cause people to lean into their computer and be completely excited that you have written to them.”

Dec 27, 2016

Today’s guest is Marc McNamara, Chief Enablement Strategist at The Value Shift, a company that presents a unique solution to the sales productivity challenge. We’re here to talk about Marc’s experience with team enablement, how to get the best out of your top-of-funnel conversations, and finding the root of your buyer’s behavior.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introducing Marc McNamara
  • What is a Chief Enablement Strategist?
  • Understanding buyer behavior
  • Generating meaningful conversations
  • Finding the next step as a rep: Training and continuing education
  • The nuts & bolts of building a repository
  • How to track your best conversations


Connect with Marc McNamara on LinkedIn, through The Value Shift website, or by emailing him direct at

Predictable Prospecting: How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline by Marylou Tyler


“Selling is an art and a science”- Marc

“Realize your prospects have a problem that can be solved, and then figure out how to uniquely add value to them.” - Marc

“Salespeople are about helping the customer”- Marc

“People, once they’re trained, will forget it all a week later”-Marylou

Dec 20, 2016

How do you become a strong leader? How do you encourage your team to be not just good, but great?  My guest today is an expert on managing sales teams and the author of Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers: A Strategic Guide to Creating a Winning Sales Team Through Collaboration. Max Cates is here to discuss why sales managers should focus on continuous improvement, what separates the good managers from the bad, and using the Six Sigma process for eliminating defects and improving your team.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Max Cates got started in sales management
  • Discussing Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers
  • Why sales superstars make poor managers
  • Implementing a tactical plan for your sales team
  • The millennial sales team
  • Six Sigma for sales
  • The McKinsey Issue Tree
  • Setting good stretch goals



“Great salespeople usually make poor managers” - Max

“The lone wolf manager can’t manage a millennial sales team. They like collaboration.” - Max

‘It’s a lot easier to be a successful leader than it is to be a poor manager.”- Max

“Stretch, but don’t overstretch when you’re making goals” - Max

Dec 13, 2016

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin there’s a huge chance that your ideal customer has an account on at least one of them. As our role as business developers continues to evolve, the technologies and techniques we use to connect with prospects has changed as well. My guest today is Kurt Shaver of The Sales Foundry, an expert on leveraging social selling and using Linkedin as part of the sales process. We discuss how to research and connect with prospects on Linkedin, becoming an business expert on your social media platforms, and the essential skills all new sales development reps need to have.

Episode Highlights:
  • Why is social selling important?
  • The evolution of Linkedin: Outbound prospecting and inbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing for the new SDR
  • Broadcasting and curating
  • Essential outbound marketing skills for the new SDR
  • Working in time blocks while prospecting on Linkedin
  • Researching and using Linkedin as a disqualification machine
  • What does Kurt Shaver do?


Connect with Kurt Shaver on Linkedin, follow him on Twitter, and visit him on the web at The Sales Foundry


“The primary function of Linkedin is lead generation”- Kurt Shaver

“When everyone is on a social network, each person is essentially a mini marketer”- Kurt

“Your number one priority is to leverage a common connection with your ideal customer”- Kurt

“Ten connections per day, 22 business days per month, means 220 more connections. That’s how you build your network” - Marylou

Dec 6, 2016

On this episode, I’m interviewed by my longtime friend and colleague Gabriel Padva. Gabriel is the founder and principal consultant at 30,000 FT Strategies, a company that focuses on helping companies communicate with their prospects. He is also a CRO at Revenue Accelerator Inc. We go in-depth into the role of the sales development rep, including how to hire them, train them, and promote them into upper management positions. We also discuss the do’s and don’ts of cold emailing, my must-have tools, and the best sales advice I’ve ever gotten.

Episode Highlights:

  • Marylou’s process for identifying new prospects and driving sales
  • Why is sales team specialization important?
  • The evolution of the SDR
  • Client metrics
  • Understanding the ideal account profile
  • Building your list
  • Is the phone still relevant for the SDR?
  • How to work the internal referral system
  • Hiring the best SDR: References, interviews, and skill tests
  • Critical KPI’s
  • The do’s and don’ts of crafting cold messaging
  • Must-have technology tools of 2016
  • The best sales advice Marylou’s ever gotten

Gabriel’s question checklist for checking references of potential SDRs

Tool Recommendations:
Predictable Prospecting: How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline by Marylou Tyler


“Always be testing, measuring, and pulling out data. Tell the truth.” - Gabriel

“Using the phone in combination with email and social selling is a great way to ‘warm up the chill’ of cold calling” - Marylou

“You are as equally important as the person that you’re trying to convince to try your product or service” - Marylou

Nov 29, 2016

Are you catching minnows when you want to be catching whales? Netting the high-value prospects requires engaging many different people in the organization in conversation. In this episode, I’m interviewed by Joseph Dager of the Business901 podcast. We discuss my new book, Predictable Prospecting, why cold calling is the best method of prospecting available for netting those whales, and how to encourage your sales team to embrace the cold calling process.


Episode Highlights:

  • Mary Lou Tyler’s background and career path
  • How to best use Predictable Prospecting
  • Cold calling, personas, and outbound marketing
  • Why do salespeople resist the cold calling process?
  • Other methods of prospecting
  • Leaving voicemails
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • After the sale: Reselling, renewing, and getting referrals
  • Warming up the chill: Software recommendations
  • How important is a process to a company?


Joseph Dager and Business 901




Follow Marylou on Twitter and connect with her on Linkedin
Nov 22, 2016

Our guest today is Keenan, who is a sales expert, speaker, and owner of A Sales Guy, a leading sales management consulting company. We discuss his unique process for identifying the problems your business solves, the personal buying motivations of your prospects, and the key exercises and role play scenarios for connecting with your clients.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to get your prospects to want to talk to you
  • Selling to the current state, the gap, and the future state
  • What critical problems does your business solve? Dissecting the product
  • The buyer persona versus the personal buying motivation
  • What should your first conversation with the buyer be about?
  • Keenan’s epiphany moment
  • The “wake up the chill” campaign
  • Filling up your table
  • The mobile dry cleaner: a practical example of Keenan’s philosophy



“If you want to get someone to pay attention to you, you have to know something they don’t know. You have to be the expert” - keenan

“The greater the gap, the more value there is to what you’re selling”- Keenan

Nov 15, 2016

In this episode of Predictable Prospecting, I’m interviewed by TinderBox on my predictions for the future of the world of sales and sales technology. We also discuss training sales teams to have meaningful conversations with prospects while using sales acceleration technology and the rise of social selling.

Episode Highlights:
  • What’s going to change in the world of sales in 2017?
  • Using technology to create meaningful conversation
  • Client tiers and personalizations
  • How do you train a sales team to connect with prospects?
  • Sales and the call center mindset
  • Social selling
  • Predictions for the fourth medium of selling



Inside Sales

Nov 8, 2016

Are you running a “one-man show”, where you do absolutely everything yourself – from building the pipeline to closing the sale? How effective is your current system?

On this episode we’re joined by Pleasant Rich, the Director of Enterprise Sales at Outreach, a team-based sales communication platform. We discuss the benefits and challenges of separating roles on the sales team, why you shouldn’t try to fill every role yourself, and how to make the transition between roles as seamless as possible.

Episode Highlights:

  • Challenges with having more aware buyers
  • Passing the baton from top of funnel, to sales, to close
  • Working through the four categories of authority
  • SDRs and BDRs
  • The evolution of the 15 minute call
  • How many opportunities can you really generate?
  • Planning, testing, and executing
  • Doing every role versus following a separation model: Pleasant’s experience
  • Training and roleplaying
  • Challenges, tips, and tricks to separating roles


Connect with Pleasant on Linkedin


Salespeople love to close and we love to put out fires and we love to hop on the things that are in front of us”- Pleasant

“Multitasking is common place in every company but it’s never the most effective thing to do.”- Pleasant

“The first opportunity you have to separate sales roles is when you should do it”- Marylou

Nov 1, 2016

Plenty of companies struggle with crafting the perfect cold email. It’s either too long, too short, too impersonal, or it just doesn’t connect with your buyer. Identifying what’s missing and how to fix it can seem impossible, but our guest today has the process down to a science.

We’re joined by Bob Kelly, my partner at Strategic Pipeline and contributor to my new book Predictable Prospecting. Bob is a leading chief strategist and sales expert, and an absolute genius at helping clients achieve maximum growth by writing the right messages to the right buyers. We discuss our work with Strategic Pipeline, current trends in account-based selling, and Bob’s best tips for crafting cold emails that engage your buyer.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introducing Bob Kelly
  • Common marketplace trends: Products and ideal customers
  • Sales conversations and buyer personas
  • How to make the most of the current trends in account-based selling
  • Engaging with the ideal contacts in a company: hyper-personalized selling
  • Selling to multiple tiered accounts v.s. Selling to core accounts
  • Strategic pipeline method
  • The major faults of the CRM tool
  • Bob Kelly’s top content generation techniques
  • Upcoming challenges and predictions for the future


Predictable Prospecting: How To Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline by Marylou Tyler

Contact Bob Kelly by emailing him direct: or by visiting the Strategic Pipeline website

Oct 25, 2016

Recent studies have shown salespeople fail to make quotas when they don’t have the knowledge of their product to have a value-adding conversation with their clients. Where does this gap come from, and how can we close it to connect with our prospects?

Today’s guest is Max Traylor, a marketing consultant who specializes in sales enablement. We discuss how to best close the gap between marketing and sales, why millennials don’t trust the internet, and how to best personalize your sales content to target the prospects who matter the most.


Episode Highlights:

  • Introducing Max Traylor
  • What are the biggest obstacles for sales professionals to overcome?
  • The gap between marketing and sales
  • Why millennials prefer speaking to sales reps over researching on the Internet
  • The technology gap in sales
  • Knowledge is power: Learning to close the gaps
  • Defining and tweaking the buyer persona
  • Personalizing sales content on a small and large scale
  • Targeting at the top of the pipeline
  • What’s next for Max Traylor?
  • Working on three tiers of accounts



CSO Insights’ 2015 Sales Management Optimization Study

Visit Max Traylor’s website for blog posts, coaching and advising information, and video content

Email him at, connect with him on LinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter



“Marketing’s number one consumer of their content is the buyer. But in fact there are two important audiences for the content: the buyer and the sales team”- Max

“Millennials don’t trust the Internet. We’re the first generation who grew up with it, and we don’t trust it”- Max

“Conversation is king”- Marylou

“We have a choice of who we sell to. We should put the work in to find out who’s going to be the most profitable and who aligns with our solution” -Max

“Stop going after the minnows. Go after the whales!”- Marylou

Oct 18, 2016

On this episode of Predictable Prospecting, we are joined by Mark Hunter, otherwise known as The Sales Hunter, a sales consultant and author of the must-read book, High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results. We discuss some of the top techniques outlined in his book, Mark’s opinion on the best time to call your prospect, and why prospecting is the most entertaining part of the sales process. With his infectious energy and wealth of knowledge, it’s easy to see why Mark Hunter is one of the most sought after sales consultants working today.


Episode Highlights:

  • Mark’s motivation behind writing High-Profit Prospecting
  • Different prospecting processes for different personas
  • Chasing an outcome
  • The worst strategy for prospecting
  • Top three strategies from High- Profit Prospecting
  • Cycling your sales calls





“If you don’t prospect right, you can’t close right”- Mark

“Prospecting is absolutely the most fun part of the selling process for one very simple reason. If you believe that you can help people achieve a level of outcome that they didn’t think was possible, how can you not get excited about that?”- Mark

“The underlying solution for success in prospecting comes down to discipline and focus. If you’re disciplined and you have focus, it’s amazing how successful you’ll be”- Mark
“Bad sales people have skinny kids”- Mark

Oct 11, 2016

On this episode, I’m interviewed by Stephan Spencer of Marketing Speak podcast. We discuss the intersection of sales and marketing, the steps to building a successful pipeline, and my favorite marketing initiatives and social proofs. I also give Stephan Spencer tips on how to improve his conversations with prospects, my best book recommendations, and a few of my top coaching practices.


Episode Highlights:

  • What’s new in Predictable Prospecting?
  • Creating meaningful conversations: Email and voicemail
  • Assembling buckets and creating a value grid
  • Top account-based marketing initiatives
  • Defining the funnel and key metrics
  • Fit sequence and nurture sequence
  • The Five-Step System
  • CRM recommendations
  • Top coaching tips
  • Book recommendations
  • Sales enablement
  • Favorite forms of social proof



Oct 4, 2016

Our world today feels smaller than ever, largely due to advancements in communication and technology, making plenty of business owners wonder: Should I expand my services abroad? My guest today is Hans Peter Bech, author of the bestselling book Building Successful Partner Channels and managing partner of TBK Consult, a company that helps IT groups break into foreign markets. We discuss the intense planning and logistics behind expanding a business, how culture impacts sales, and Hans Peter Bech’s suggestions for anyone considering making the jump into a foreign market.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Hans Peter Bech?
  • Why you should take your company global
  • Partner channels and foreign markets
  • Challenges to expansion for IT companies
  • How doing business differs from country to country
  • Why planning is essential to expanding your business
  • Hans Peter Bech’s top tips for going global



“The value of an information technology company that can prove global potential and traction is dramatically higher than an IT company that only operates in a single country” - Hans Peter Bech

“Preparing a business plan is much faster and far less expensive than executing the plan”- HPB

“Understanding local culture is fundamental for designing effective business processes”- Hans Peter Bech

Sep 29, 2016

My new book Predictable Prospecting is set to inspire sales teams all over the world to reformat and build their B2B sales pipelines. Curious to know more about the writing process behind the book? This episode features a conversation with Jeremey Donovan, my co-author on Predictable Prospecting, as we discuss our reasoning behind writing the book and what we think sales representatives can get out of our methodology.

Jeremey Donovan is the Head of Sales Strategy at Gerson Lehrman Group. When he isn’t at his day job, you can find Jeremey serving as an adjunct professor at the NYU School of Professional Studies or writing and speaking about Public Speaking - his book How To Deliver a TED Talk topped the bestseller list both domestically and internationally.

Episode Highlights:

  • Background : The “Why” behind Predictable Prospecting
  • The effect of automation on sales
  • Roleplay as a training tool
  • Timeblocking in the workday
  • The “Keep or Kill” technique


Pre-order my new book Predictable Prospecting: How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline , out on August 19th 2016!

Check out Spin Selling by Neil Rackham, the book Marylou and Jeremey agree was fundamental to beginning their sales careers!

Connect with Jeremey Donovan on LinkedIn or through his website, Speaking Sherpa.



“Roleplay every day”- Marylou

“If I had to point to a single factor as the key make or break in success - it’s timeblocking”- Jeremey Donovan

“There is no perfect subject line, there is no perfect email…. The thing that matters the most is personalization” - Jeremey Donovan

“Send quality down the pipeline so that the clients that you close bring in the highest revenue potential” - Marylou

Sep 27, 2016

Content is what moves a prospect through the sales pipeline. How do you know what content to create and when to deliver it? On this episode I discuss how to use thought stages to plan inbound marketing efforts. I believe that every sales conversation has the potential to provide valuable information. Tracking and using details such as prospect awareness and pain points helps fine tune content and increases conversions.

Episode Highlights:

  • Uncovering personality and pain points of ideal clients
  • How to learn from a “no”
  • The importance of a call to action
  • How to use immediate feedback
  • Identifying where a prospect is on the spectrum of awareness
  • Using thought stages



"You owe it to the right markets to really reach and serve them." - Jay

“Ask meaningful questions, not vanity questions.” - Marylou

"All categories of buyers, all stages of buyers, they're not all worth the same." - Jay

Sep 20, 2016

On this episode of Predictable Prospecting, Marylou Tyler herself is interviewed by Andy Paul, host of the sales podcast Accelerate.  

If you’ve ever wondered about the process of writing Predictable Revenue and Predictable Prospecting, Marylou’s thoughts on the true role of Sales Development Reps, and her top tips for identifying your ideal customer, then this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Episode Highlights:

  • Introducing MaryLou Tyler
  • Writing Predictable Revenue with Aaron Ross
  • Is Predictable Revenue still relevant?
  • Intraday calling and fearing the phone
  • The inspiration behind Predictable Prospecting
  • Sales Development Reps: usage, burnout, and hand-off points
  • Targeting companies with the fastest velocity and highest lifetime value
  • Ideal prospect personas within the pipeline
  • The five levels of awareness
  • Varying methods of outreach
  • How Marylou would fix stalled sales fast
  • Marylou Tyler’s top attributes
  • Must-read books and favorite music


Sep 9, 2016

On this episode of Predictable Prospecting we’re joined by Jeb Blount, founder and CEO of Sales Gravy and author of Fanatical Prospecting. A leader in Sales Acceleration, Blount’s unique approach to prospecting makes him a sought-after trainer, keynote speaker, and advisor. Join us as we discuss his personal sales philosophies, the lessons he’s learned from advising million-dollar companies, and the techniques you can start using today to strengthen your pipeline and boost your revenue.


Episode Highlights:

  • Introducing Jeb Blount
  • Why balanced prospecting is the best technique
  • Targeting direct and indirect influencers
  • Voicemail as a marketing tool
  • Jeb Blount’s method for improving sales
  • How sales has changed over time
  • Using empathy
  • Why smart companies constantly train their employees




Sep 6, 2016

So you’ve read the books and you’ve taken the classes, but something about predictable revenue and prospecting isn’t working for you the way you’d like it to. Maybe you’ve seen some success but it hasn’t been quick enough or at the level you want. Maybe you’re a startup struggling to get the system in motion. Today’s guest has the perfect solution for you! Alicia Anderson provides the key to the process as a prospecting outsourcer. Not to be confused with a lead generation service, Predictable Revenue outsourcing builds custom client target lists, develops the conversation, finds the ideal clients, and is with you every step of the way when building your ideal pipeline.  

Alicia Anderson began her career as a fashion merchandiser. After reading Predictable Revenue and training with Aaron and I, Alicia entered the sales world as a B2B sales coach and strategist. As part of her role with Predictable Revenue, Alicia specializes in creating engaging content that encourages the customer to lean into the product.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introducing Alicia Anderson: from fashion to prospecting
  • Fast-tracking prospecting
  • Handoffs and 3-15 process
  • Building a sales stack from an outsourcing perspective
  • Coaching
  • Levels of email personalization
  • The future of Predictable Revenue


Predictable Revenue
Connect with Alicia Anderson on LinkedIn or send her an email directly -

Aug 30, 2016

Many of today’s startups have either time or money, rarely both. That leaves the minimal staff to handle important tasks that are usually completed by a dedicated (educated) team. How does the CEO of a lean startup write compelling sales copy on his own? Joanna Wiebe created Copyhackers to ensure that startups have a place to learn how to communicate with their audience.

Joanna Wiebe is the founder of Copy Hackers; an online resource dedicated to teaching startups how to write compelling web copy. Joanna left a position as a corporate copywriter to pursue her love of helping startups. In addition to informational products for startups the site offers certification courses for copywriters. Joanna loves the hunger of startups and is committed to growing her resource into a multi-million dollar business.


Episode Highlights:

  • What were Joanna’s first thoughts about the title of “copywriter”?
  • How did Joanna’s education in Humanities influence her teaching?
  • When should a startup begin considering copy?
  • The emotional “journey” of a/b testing
  • How does Joanna keep her skills sharp?
  • What does Copyhackers future look like?




CopyHackers for Hire


Contact Joanna with questions and feedback at:

Follow Joanna on Twitter

Thanks for listening!  (**include Marylou’s contact info, iTunes review link, website, etc.)


Aug 29, 2016

For the 21st century professional, an insatiable desire to learn is crucial for staying afloat in an ever-changing market. The face of sales and marketing has seen big changes due to technology, but the constant introduction of new apps and tools can make some sales teams feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of new information. So how do you build your skillset and education without getting lost? Companies like Sales Hacker Inc. make it easy for sales reps and developers to learn about and take advantage of these tools and techniques by hosting conferences, facilitating workshops, and compiling information for companies big and small.

Jake Spear is a leading sales executive with Sales Hacker Inc. After beginning his career as a management trainee for a semi-trailer leasing company, Jake Spear used his skills in cold calling and prospecting to move into tech sales and bring his experiences to Sales Hacker’s conferences and consulting.

Episode Highlights:


  • Jake Spear’s sales journey
  • Importance of continuing your education
  • Putting the right person in the right sales role
  • Know your audience: non-tech vs tech sales
  • Sales Hacker June 2016 and November 2016 conferences



Sales Hacker

Read Sales Hacker Blog Posts & Educational Resources

Request to join the Sales Hacker Linkedin Group

Contact Jake Spear:

Podcast Listener Discount Code

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